Athol Fugard, Playwright

Mr. Meyer has worked with me… and made an invaluable contribution… through his perceptive analysis of text and performance.  Howard has a strong talent and considerable skill in dealing with actors.  And finally there’s his genuine passion for theatre, a quality I know he will communicate to others.  His vision of theatre, both as a vehicle of personal truth as well as moral force in the community is one that I completely identify with.

– Athol Fugard, Tony award winning Playwright


Howard Meyer is unafraid of dark themes, his characters behave in surprising, recognizable, inevitable, sometimes even tragic fashion; we understand their yearnings, want the best for them, and dread the unfolding trauma. His dialogue is enormously fresh and alive. I love Howard’s writing.

-Craig Lucas, Tony award winning playwright


Jon Lindstrom, Actor and Screenwriter

Having had the pleasure of appearing in the world premiere of Howard’s play, “Welcome, This is a Neighborhood Watch Community.” I can state emphatically that Howard’s approach to the craft of writing is one of exploring behavior. The emotional truths that lie beneath Howard’s dialogue are considered, thoughtful and genuine. His observation of human nature and how we relate to each other provides a window to humankind’s tendency to say something other than what we mean, and to often act inappropriately as a result.

For any actor the dialogue and emotional journey is a true and welcome challenge. I believe any thinking actor who tests himself with Howard’s material will first be confronted by his own limitations and then, with the support of the well-crafted piece Howard has created, will discover a path to exceed them.

– Jon Lindstrom, Emmy nominated Actor/Screenwriter



David Deblinger, actor, LABrynth Theater co-founder

I recently worked as an actor on [Welcome, This is a Neighborhood Watch Community] by Howard Meyer. I must say, the passionate and seemingly boundless energy with which he pursued reaching more and more depth and nuance within the emotional dynamics of the piece was inspiring. He was fearless and quite adept at finding humor one minute, and exploring the ugly side of the ego the next, all in the same speech. I was also struck by the dedication and commitment of the artists that seem to flock to be part of his company. I am grateful to have served a role in the development of a powerful and compelling new work, by an extremely talented and generous artist.

-David Deblinger
Co-Founder, LABrynth Theater Company

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