Excerpts from the Plays

WELCOME… This is a Neighborhood Watch Community

The Long Island private school that Justin Campbell attends has hired an esteemed English teacher with a famous literary last name. This teacher, who holds very opposite views than Justin’s father, quickly becomes Justin’s mentor, much to his father’s consternation. This family drama, set in the affluent community of Montauk, centers on the power struggle between these two role models, Justin’s father, a hedge fund manager with financial power and influence, and Justin’s mentor, a man with powerful ideals, and the impact this struggle has on the family and the developing 16 year old that lies between them.

WELCOME This is a Neighborhood Watch Community excerpt



In this drama set on the outskirts of Sante Fe, New Mexico, Lindsay Kountze is forced to reexamine her life altering choice made days before the 60th anniversary celebration of the opening of Los Alamos National Laboratory. As a 21 year old soon-to-graduate college senior, Lindsay, her father Billy and their lifelong Native American friend Paddy (both employees at Los Alamos) are forced to confront unresolved moral and personal issues that have been building between them for years. In the wake of the controversial national celebration, they are on a collision course that will leave all their lives forever changed.

Radiance excerpt.


In this monologue Marianne Malamud relays to a group of rapt young wives of new business owners, her successful strategies in the business of keeping her man.

Calculus excerpt



A year after graduating High school where he was a football star, Charlie Leventhol is now struggling with the effects of his violent and mentally ill father and fearful and struggling mother. A year ago his father accidentally murdered Charlie’s younger brother and soon after was admitted to the State mental hospital. Charlie moved out of the family home and into a basement apartment, frequented by his friend Mick, who provokes more trouble for Charlie. Charlie has inadvertently assumed the role of protector of Mick and often jumps to Mick’s defense during fights at the bar they both work at. Struggling with the implications of the murder of his brother and his readiness for the upcoming football tryout at Penn State, Charlie deals with an age old dilemma: how to move out of the shadows of one’s parents and into one’s own life. The play also addresses the issue of the legacy of violence and how that violence can transfer from generation to generation.

AngelBeast excerpt


Lost In Paradise

Philip Ratner and Jeremy Weiss have been living together in Phil’s inherited condominium apartment in Flushing, Queens in the neighborhood where they both grew up, since Jeremy was asked to leave his marriage a year ago. Phil has been living off his inheritance and trying to write (with great difficulty) a murder mystery set in the porn world. Jeremy has been practicing a year of celibacy, a commitment he made to himself to try and change his relationship to women and sex. The play opens on the last day of Jeremy’s successful completion of his year and Phil and Jeremy’s one year anniversary living together. Phil wants to celebrate by going to a NY Yankee game where their old NY Met hero Dwight Gooden is taking the mound for the Yankees. Jeremy, a fashion photographer, has chosen to celebrate by taking out a lovely actress/model, Diane, who he just worked with in that day’s photo shoot. He is convinced that she is the reward for his year of restraint. Phil goes to the game where he meets Dahlia, the check-out girl from the “adult” shop where he gets his porn films. Jeremy has a terrific date with Diane and believes that she is his next serious relationship. These two women enter Jeremy and Phil’s lives and reveal the dishonesty that lies behind their friendship and the truths that each are hiding from themselves.

Lost In Paradise excerpt


Cherrie & Jerry

From Robert Heisler’s Journal News Review….

“Meet the desperate housewives of Ozone Park, breathing fire and failure in Howard Meyer’s double helping of neighborhood sex farce, “Cherrie & Jerry” at Pleasantville’s Axial Theatre. The husbands here are as desperate, of course. They just expect less. Imagine if your high-school friends were unable to escape and had to create their own society populated by the nerd, the jock, the convenient boyfriend, the investment-minded girlfriend, the one most likely to succeed as a hairdresser and – at the center of it all – the girl who developed first.

There but for the grace of God, eh? Wait a minute. There’s no way on God’s green earth that could ever happen to me.

If you believe that, you can relax and laugh the night away. If not, you’ll see Meyer’s very adult comedy as a guide to “how did I wind up in this place.”

Cherrie & Jerry excerpt

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