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Praise for RADIANCE:

“Hopi kachina dolls, radioactive waste, the Vietnam War and substance abuse all factor into “Radiance,” the fertile new play by Howard Meyer…As compelling as the play’s environmental and other social themes may be, the poisonous interpersonal relationships are more captivating… Describing “Radiance” as a study in codependence, or the pathology of enabling behavior, makes it sound mundane and depressing. Yet in a theatrical space populated by talented artists, noxious material emanating from stricken souls can be downright salubrious.”

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John. P. McCarthy, Journal News
(posted 5/9/2013)

Praise for Welcome: This is a Neighborhood Watch Community

The New York Times

[A] well-acted production presented by the Axial Theater Company… [in Howard Meyer’s] well-structured play. The entire cast does a nice job. Ann Gulian is Harris’ wife, Lorraine, who teaches yoga to convince herself she’s not rich and superficial; Rachel Ann Jones is Leila Stanton, Lorraine’s pal, who always heads straight for the bar; Jon Lindstrom is particularly convincing as Warren Stanton, Leila’s confident, take-charge husband, who has some unfortunate ideas about how to keep an eye on your children; and Justin’s little sister, Abigail, is played by Willa DeRose, a fine little actress who is just plain adorable.

Anita Gates, NY Times
(posted 11/17/2010)

Janet Langsam,
Executive Director of ArtsWestchester…

Last Saturday night, I relived my children’s teenage years at the Axial Theatre. Written by Howard Meyer, the play… is about parents and their teenage son dancing around issues of self discovery and the family chaos it wreaks; great ambitions, success and how these affect family values; and mentoring, as in “Who is fit to do it?” and “What does a teenager need from a role model?”  If you still have a sense of humor left after you raise your kids, you’ll howl at the father, played by David Deblinger when he says: “I’m a parent, son, and when you’re a parent… we’re capable of some extremely bizarre behavior when it comes to our kids.” Josh Hecht, the director… likes to break down boundaries between the actors and the audience. He succeeds. If you close your eyes, you can feel like you are in Greenwich Village of the ‘60s, only closer to home.

Janet Langsam, from her column in
Westchester Business Journal
(posted 11/17/2010)

Praise For Cherrie and Jerry

“It was such fun to laugh and laugh again in the theater. Cherrie and Jerry is uproarious and tender with performances from the actors that will make you want to run up on stage and hug them. Rachel Jones’ Cherrie is wonderfully slutty and real and Jess Erick’s Evelyn is so funny and authentic she steals her scenes. Bravo to Howard Meyer for writing great, insightful theater.”

Cynthia Wetzler, The New York Times

“…Relax and laugh the night away…Mr. Meyer is dead on.”

Bob Heisler, Journal News, Gannett Papers

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Praise For AngelBeast

AngelBeast is a bold new monster of a play. (It’s)… an evening of adult theatre full of fascinating choices by the playwright and the actors. See it and you’ll be talking about it for a long time.”

Bob Heisler, Journal News, Gannett Papers

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AngelBeast is a play that haunts you long after you walk out of the theater. Howard Meyer has created characters with many layers and exquisite vulnerabilities brought to life by an electric cast. The ending is a show stopper.”

Cynthia Wetzler, The New York Times

AngelBeast is a powerful and intelligent new play with great humor and heart — a compelling new look at the “sins of the father.” You don’t have to go to Manhattan to see exciting theatre and an immensely talented company of actors.”

John Bedford Lloyd, actor: John Adams (HBO), The Bourne Supremacy, Philadelphia, Wall Street II

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